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White Christmas?


I captured this image from the tuppercam yesterday.  A little dusting of snow on the newly frozen lake.  Maybe we will have a white Christmas

Sunset over the new fallen snow

Scott Pollacek - about me


Our New Oven


Goodbye old friend.  You served us well for 13 years... even if Matthew did call you a crappy old stove.

Old ovenmissing oven

Hello new shiny sexy friend.  I hope this relationship lasts a long time.

shiney new double oven

But wait... already you try to hurt me... why doesn't it fit?

oven doesn't fit

It's okay.  I can make some adjustments.

new oven is in

Time to celebrate!

1st pizza in new oven

Oh and we put up some Christmas decorations too.

2011 Christmas tree

2011 Christmas village2011 Christmas village closeup


Scott Pollacek - about me


Happy 100th Birthday



I love Lucy and she loves me
We're as happy as two can be
Sometimes we quarrel but then
How we love making up again

Lucy kisses like no one can
She's my Mrs. and I'm her man
And life is heaven you see
'cause I love Lucy
Yes I love Lucy
and Lucy loves me

Lucille Ball


Yellow Visitors


Early one morning last week we had a couple of visitors.  Surprisingly Desi and Lucy didn't notice these two hanging out on the fence, and in the garden.  I think they were picking bugs out of the garden for breakfast.  I was able to snap a couple of pictures of the 2 American Goldfinch that hung around for a while.

American Goldfinch

2 American Goldfinch

From Wikipedia:

The American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis), also known as the Eastern Goldfinch and Wild Canary, is a small North American bird in the finch family. It is migratory, ranging from mid-Alberta to North Carolina during the breeding season, and from just south of the Canadian border to Mexico during the winter.

The only finch in its subfamily which undergoes a complete molt, the American Goldfinch displays sexual dimorphism in its coloration; the male is a vibrant yellow in the summer and an olive color during the winter months, while the female is a dull yellow-brown shade which brightens only slightly during the summer. The male displays brightly colored plumage during the breeding season to attract a mate.

Scott Pollacek - about me


Lia Car Show 2011


On Sunday we decided to head over to the Lia Collision Center car show.  The show had a few hundred cars entered, and a really nice variety of cars to see.  The show was to benefit the wounded warriors project, so it was all for a good cause.  I have uploaded a bunch of pics to the 2011 Lia Car Show Album in the Gallery.  Here are just a few highlights.  Enjoy!

Corvette at Lia Car Show 2011

Willys at Lia car show 2011

Huge flag at Lia car show 2011

Jeep at Lia car show 2011

Cobra at Lia car show 2011

Packard at Lia Car Show 2011

Scott Pollacek - about me


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